Thursday, December 20, 2007

Map of the Gay Utopia

Noah Berlatsky: Introduction

Anne Lorimer: Do Tibetans Think Iran Is In The Middle East?
opening dissent

Noah Berlatsky and Johnny Ryan: Alpha Male In...Don't Be Gay!
short, short illustrated story

Scott Treleaven: Art
mixed medium

Scott Treleaven: The Other Function of the Orgasm
1997 essay on how to make magic with sex and art

EyeofSerpent: Friendly Advice
erotic mind control fiction

Michael Manning: Under The Venusberg
Tannhäuser, Beardsley and the author

Alexander Stewart: The Animated Gay Utopia
a history of 1920s animation

Dame Darcy: Gasoline
screenplay excerpt

Ursula K. Le Guin: For Judith

Nishizaka Hiromi: Okami

Bert Stabler: The Post-Gender Mystique
review of the exhibit Shojo Manga! Girl Power!

Dewayne Slightweight: The Kinship Structure of Ferns

Edie Fake: Call The Corners

Lelah Fern: Your Golden Sun Will Shine For Me
gayness, Restoration, and romance

Matt Thorn: On The Left Hand of Darkness
brief defense

Lev Olsen: I Would Like a Large Lobster
excerpt from the novel You Were Never Lovelier

Kinukitty: Let's Get It On
slash fan fiction based on the anime Weiss Kreuz

Vom Marlowe: Girl Yoji
slash fan fiction based on the anime Weiss Kreuz

Julia Serano: Performance Piece
the problem with gender as performance

Paul Mullins: Art

Ma Rainey: Prove It On Me Blues
song lyrics

Rebecca Field: Militant Homosexual Dress
dress designed for a dyke march

Lilli Carré: Art

Tabico: Adaptation
insect-sex-zombie apocalypse

Noah Berlatsky: Fecund Horror
Carpenter's The Thing, Cronenberg's Shivers, and Tabico's "Adaptation"

The Giant Squid: My Time In The Gay Utopia
ask The Giant Squid

Bert Stabler: Bottomless Anus of Perfected Wisdom
digital art

Neil Whitacre: Wild Countersuit
declaration with pictures

Eric Berlatsky: Lone Woolf and Cubs
Alan Moore, postmodern fiction, and third wave feminist utopianism

Suzanne Bachner: Fireworks
scenes from the play "We Call Her Benny"

Noah Berlatsky: Privileged and Clueless
a review of Jennifer Baumgardner's Look Both Ways

Jennifer Baumgardner: Fruitopia
a reply to Noah Berlatsky's review

Kinukitty: In and Out
manporn for all

Rebecca Field: Queer Utopia Installation
decorated shrines

Ariel Schrag: Wandering Hands

Paul Mack: He Lived Above Two Lesbians
images from a risqué children's book

William J. O'Brien: Art
mixed media

Paul Nudd: The Love-Chutney Drawings
product illustrations

Bert Stabler: The Glory and the Hole
closing synthesis

The easiest way to find what you're looking for in the Gay Utopia is to use this Map page which lists all the contributions in the forum. You can always find a link to the map at the top of the page, right under the banner.

The Map lists all the forum articles in order. If you wish, you can start from the Introduction and use the onward button at the bottom of each post to read all the contributions until you get to the last one. Each post also has links to related pages at the end, so you can wander around the site non-linearly, if that's your preference.

A list of all the contributors with biographic information and links to their websites is on the Inhabitants of the Gay Utopia page. You can also find links to contributors websites at the bottom of each post.

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