Thursday, December 20, 2007

Neil Whitacre: Wild Countersuit

Well, first off there is really no such thing as a gay utopia on this earth. Yet! that is.

It would be a place where people's love could be free of judgment by others. It is always hard to tell just how gay football is. Men who watch football have much more in common with other men who watch football than their wives. So in our gay utopia there would be very few men who watch football.

This red state society we have outside of urban america is something like the opposite of a gay utopia. It is repressed, superficial, materialistic, superstitious and fearful. Of course any gay utopia would be nothing like this. Key West is also a far stretch - so it for sure as hell would not have much in common with West Hollywood or South Beach either. We need a lot more books and book reading in our gay utopia. Can gay utopia have straight men and or women in it ? Really good wine, cheese, basil pesto, mushrooms, chocolate, pools to swim in and party around. Flowers, awesome english gardens and huge boners -- wait oops hee hee !

Free from the judgments and hindrances of klunky white “christian” america that eats overcooked vegetables in church basements. Free from the fears of the unknown. Oscar Wilde is welcome.

Bed, 2006

Painter, 2005

Zinnias, 2007

Mud Wrestlers, 2004

Text and images ©Neil Whitacre. Used by permission.

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