Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dame Darcy: Gasoline

Author’s Note: This is an excerpt from a screenplay. Gasoline is a rock n roll apocalyptic fairytale about a family of witches. Casper was adopted into the Armbuster family whose youngest brother is Richard. They have a love affair, as does Casper with the oldest sister.

Amidst the car parts, welding devices, and other interesting but unrecognizable machinery, is Casper's photo.

RICHARD: (to photo) The others won't understand until it is completed. They're cool, but too old. They'll like it when it's complete though. Then we will spring it on them.

INT. lab part of the windmill - DAY
Richard shows Casper a few alchemy tricks. Fusion.

(The following scene will be animated and live action)

Casper moves steam in an arc.

CASPER: Now I aspire to be the ultimate artist, and master the art of fusion.

An image of a centaur shoots an arrow in an arc, it pierces fourteen red planets and strings them like beads. The centaur's eyes glow with the firelight from the red planets.

Close up Casper's eyes. They glow the same.

Casper pulls the lace cuffs down from his green velvet jacket and adjusts them just so.

CASPER: I made this clothing myself and I wear it to show I am ready for whatever new life followed death. I do not fear death. My first alchemical experiment/lesson involves steam.

He looked at his hands, worn and weathered, hands that knew dirt.

His hands are the center of an axel to a wheel. The wheel at the center of a machine.

Richard making the machine and Casper being the assistant. They carefully assemble and readjust it to mix together water and fire. The metal burns red hot and the tears drip from Casper's beautiful blue eyes, and Richard's emerald green, making the smoldering gears sizzle.

At the top blooms a large metal funnel where they mix all kinds of animals and colorful liquids. Lions, scorpions glowing with blue fire, birds, and at last, red water (which should not be mistaken for blood).

CASPER: This creates the integration of innate duality's and polarities through the alchemical process.

Next they draw a crescent moon, pierced by sun rays, the union of night and day, feminine and masculine. They burn the drawing and go to bury the ashes.


Casper and Richard outside.

They uncover a stone with this inscription carved into it:

CLOSE UP stone:
Visit the interior of the earth (yourself) and you shall find the hidden stone.

CASPER: My subconscious will be revealed in the dream world.

They dig further and find the skull of a man, this has the inscription: Dream world.

They place the skull in the tall grass near the hole and a sparrow lands on it. It begins singing visibly, little arrows shoot from its beak in patterns.

CASPER: The sparrow shoots arrows like the Prairie dog the Indians are always talking about, but these are not disease arrows, they are arrows of communication.

The sparrow, Perched prettily on the skull, the bird sings its song; a rainbow arches its way over the bird in a colorful, glittering, mist.

Richard and Casper look at each other.


RICHARD: I realize I can understand the bird as it sings a harmony with its self.

CASPER: Yes, it says "Rectification, Purification," in a round.

RICHARD: All right!

Gasoline is a graphic novel and feature film. The book is due out in Oct of 2008 and is published by Merrell books. ©Dame Darcy. Used by permission.

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